Your Rights After a Construction Accident

Millions of some of the most hardworking men and women in America make a living from working in one of its largest and most important industries: the construction and building trades.

From residential projects to commercial high rises to government infrastructure projects, men and women of different trades – including electricians, carpenters, iron workers, laborers, masons, painters, sheet metal workers, and plumbers – support themselves and their families from these jobs that are so essential to our country’s growth and success.


For that reason, New York has special laws that allow many construction workers to secure compensation in the event they suffer an injury on the job by bringing a lawsuit to recover for their pain and suffering, medical expenses, and loss of wages and benefits.


In addition, if you were injured in a construction accident on the job, you can make a claim to cover your medical expenses and part of your lost wages while you are out of work. In many cases, people injured in construction accidents have two potential cases for one accident: a workers’ compensation claim and a lawsuit.


Get Help From a Construction Accodent Lawyer for Your Case

The Dauti Law Firm, LLC, can help you navigate your claim and make sure that you get fair treatment and compensation for your injuries. We can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf so you get the money you need to pay your bills and that you receive proper medical care along with rehabilitation after you’ve healed. Give us a call today to set up a consultation with our personal injury lawyer for help with your construction accident claim.